We host the latest Driving School Association meeting

Our Business Centre Manager, George Barton, was happy to welcome back the Driving School Association for their latest meeting at Toyota Wakefield.

There was a lot to pack into the evening with a speech from an insurance company to kick things off.

We then heard about how three of the driving school instructors are organising a Children in Need charity run using their cars and pupils! It sounds like a great way for them to raise money for this great charity. We can't wait to hear how much they raise.

We then were honoured to have a speech from the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service who told us about road traffic accidents and what they have to do in cleaning up serious incidents.

Although upsetting they had some very important messages for the instructors to relay to their students. George said that he was shocked to hear that the biggest killer of teenage girls is teenage boys driving fast to impress. So, the importance of getting road safety messages through to learner drivers is critical in changing attitudes and behaviours of young drivers.

Thank you to everyone who came and spoke and to everyone who attended. Were very happy that you chose Vantage Toyota Wakefield to host your meeting and look forward to seeing you all again soon.


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